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Michael Walton

Michael Walton is an award winning actor who has starred in over half a dozen independent feature films.

Most recently he starred opposite Louis Mandylor & Dominique Swain in "The Mourning" and he is currently starring opposite Vivica Fox in the indie action flick "6 Ways To Sundown".

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Sally McdonaldSally McDonald

Sally is an Australian born actress who appeared on numerous TV series and films before moving to Hollywood in 2011. The Mourning marks Sally's first starring role in an American film.

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Louis MandylorLouis Mandylor

Louis Mandylor is an Australian born television and film actor who first appeared in the 1991 hit "Necessary Roughness". Louis has starred in several network series including "Down the Shore", "Grace Under Fire" and "Martial Law". He has co-starred in films such as "The Quest" opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as the mega-indie hit "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

Mandylor has also directed independent features and recently created "Elwood", a television concept starring Ron Perlman.

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Dominique SwainDominique Swain

Dominique Swain was discovered at age 14 by director Adrian Lyne to star opposite Jeremy Irons & Melanie Griffith in the 1997 film "Lolita", which earned her a Young Artist Award and MTV Movie Award nomination. Dominique went on to play John Travolta's daughter in "Face/Off", she starred opposite Sean Patrick Flannery in the indie hit "Girl" and has appeared in over 50 films including Monte Hellman's "Road to Nowhere" and opposite Justin Timberlake in "Alpha Dog".

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The Mourning CastKinga Philipps (Top Left)
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Brooke Lewis (Top Right)
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Peter Dobson (Bottom Left)
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Larry Hankin (Bottom Right)
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  • Michael Walton After 20 years, Aaron reappears in his hometown but he has not aged.
  • Dominique Swain Villainous conspiracy theorist hellbent on proving Aaron was abducted by aliens.
  • Louis Mandylor The town Sheriff struggled for years with the guilt that he may be responsible.
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