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Written by Marc Clebanoff and Micheal Walton

Marc Clebanoff is a graduate of the USC Film School and an award winning writer, producer and director. His company, Odyssey Motion Pictures, has produced numerous award winning feature films and Clebanoff has won an array of festival awards for both writing and directing.

Michael Walton, an award winning actor who has starred in over half a dozen independent feature films, applied his strong writing talents along with Marc.

Produced by Pepe Wolf, Michael Walton & Marc Clebanoff

Marc ClebanoffMarc Clebanoff

As a director Clebanoff has worked with top industry talent including Mickey Rooney, David Carradine, Chad Everett, Michael Madsen, Danny Trejo, Dominique Swain, Louis Mandylor, William Sadler & Oscar Nominee Charles Durning. Clebanoff sits on the board of two international film festivals, he's a black belt in traditional Korean martial arts and the grandson of world-renowned composer Herman Clebanoff.

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Distribution by Odyssey Motion Pictures, LLC

Odyssey MP was established in 2004 by Award Winning Filmmaker, Marc Clebanoff. In 2007, Award Winning Actor / Filmmaker Louis Mandylor (Co-star My Big Fat Greek Wedding) joined Clebanoff as partner in all production ventures. Most recently global distribution veteran Grant Raynham joined Odyssey to help launch the int'l sales division.


  • Michael Walton After 20 years, Aaron reappears in his hometown but he has not aged.
  • Dominique Swain Villainous conspiracy theorist hellbent on proving Aaron was abducted by aliens.
  • Louis Mandylor The town Sheriff struggled for years with the guilt that he may be responsible.
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